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  1. Furthest Day

    A good day 50 to you. This time you can see I'm actually wearing the amulet, but you can also see the base of the meat effigy at the top. (which accounts for Wilson's rather dapper appearance here). I think I'll be breaking my 117 mark this time around.
  2. Amulets only work if you equip them. Replace your divots (replant pine cones if the tree monster is on you) Dragonpie is awesome Make sure you're not holding a hammer when clicking on your storage chests Let the spiders fight the tentacles
  3. next update?

    You're probably right. I even tried to do the magic eye thing and just stared at it for a few minutes to see if it constructed some pattern lol.
  4. next update?

    Could it be the phonograph listed in the data files? I haven't seen it in-game yet, though I may have simply missed it. Could they in fact be musical notes?
  5. Furthest Day

    Heh, 53 days that time. And I had 2 amulets in my bag. I really must remember to equip those before I go on my bold and stupid adventures. Addendum: when running at night with a mining hat on, you can miss the werepigs coming at you if you're not paying close enough attention
  6. Furthest Day

    117 is my longest so far. Amulets only work if you remember to equip them while you're being killed lol. I'm on day 49 in my current run.
  7. My initial responses (the semi humorous ones) Do you like fish sticks? That's a big fish in a small world There's something fishy about that Ustolemyjesusfish
  8. I got this game as a gift out of the blue via steam the other day. I had no idea what I was in for. This game is wry, dark, drawn in a style that screams Gashlycrumb, and best of all it doesn't have to consume 25gb to be more entertaining than most 25gb games I have played. Outstanding. I look forward to seeing more.