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  1. I would do it, but I would like around 6 team fortress 2 keys or 5 DOTA 2 treasure keys. If you could somehow conjure them that..I would gladly do it, the thing is, I'm not good with items. So I guess you could make me an offer.
  2. Hey man, do you still have natural selection 2 up for grabs? I have Don't Starve

  3. Dota 2 keys for dont starve pls!!!

    Are these like actual keys? Or are they copies of the game?
  4. Selling the game Don't Starve for TF2 Keys or Steam Games. Yep, just leave game offers, or TF2 item offers. I will also sell this for Steam Game Offers! I will also accept Games that are worth about the same as them. Counter-Strike:GO is one of them I would trade for it. But I will also accept offers of combinations. You can also offer TF2 items, that are not keys, but you should overpay but about 30%. ADD ME