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  1. It would only be on the full moon. And i supose it might not but all players have small perks this might be small if night stays short or big if made longer
  2. I really like the different characters and there perks and would love to see more and one that i think would work well is a character with the perk where every full moon he turns into a wolf and grants special abilities of which i havnt though up but maybe can see better in the dark, some monsters fear you and run away, can run faster and is generally better. Obviosly the idea needs to be worked more but just a thought. Any ideas for the werewolfs ability would be awesome
  3. Very simple idea, Candles from bees wax. I managed to build a resalable sized camp and had to put up multiple camp fires and go along fuelling all of them. I reckon that a placeable candle would be really cool. My idea is that you can only get bees wax from bees in a bee box and not a hive and that you need the crook pot to mix a stronger version on silk (String) with bees wax, the string acting as the wick. Not sure if its worth thinking bout or not but tell me what you think, just an idea and i apologise if someone said this idea, i did have a quick look.