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  1. All those people who survived 100+ days. What the Fruitcake do you do all that time. I have everything I want/need by day 50. I have a save on day 64 and I haven't played it in a while because I don't know what to do in it.
  2. I'm on 64 and it's getting a bit boring because I can't think of anything to do
  3. Do you have to die to get updates?
  4. If the gold is the problem. Just feed meat to the pig king
  5. I hope that one day they will put it in. It would make the game MUCH better
  6. You can try to get pigs to attack it. That way the treeguard will lose intrest in you for good
  7. You need to put manure on the berries and grass for them to grow back. Also You should make a campfire if you hadn't already.
  8. So do the chests stop glowing if you go near them?
  9. So. I found out that you can get infinite light by dropping fireflies in your base. How many do you have to drop to keep it lit up enough for you to live in? I have about 11 fireflies in my base and they are sort of enough. (I have to run between fireflies to stay alive)
  10. There really isn't a reason to explore very much, when you find a beefalo herd and some stone you can just camp there forever. There should be a really great reward for doing something that requires a lot of exploring. Like: Better light source that can be obtained by very rare thing(s) that are only spawned once in each world. (Infinite fire? large light radius?) Better weapons, armor, backpack or farming/cooking equipment made from rare materials (Unbreakable/fixable/efficient) Or maybe you just get research points for revealing the map?
  11. I just wanted to point out that you can get totally OP food by just fertilizing seeds and using them in a crock pot. Is this too easy? Discussion.