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  1. Glitching Items

    That is very unfortunate. But funny.
  2. Closed the stream down for tonight, but i will reply to this thread tomorrow when it goes live!
  3. I just unlocked Wolfgang so i will be playing as him now if you guys wanna see him!
  4. Heres a link to the stream - Please go check out my youtube aswell if possible i am doing a LP on this amazing game, link in signature.
  5. Glitching Items

    Imagine chasing Krampus and forcing him to the edge and then his sack drops. Only to fall out the map. I would cry.
  6. Look at this - Silly troll tree. I think we have all seen this happen to us, an item or something has fallen out arms reach or in my case, spawned out of the map xD.
  7. Hey anyone who has unlocked Wolfgang i dont suppose you could make a copy of your "remote" folder and send me it via mediafire or something please? I wish to try something out.
  8. My Dont Starve Lets Play - Day 1

    Episode 2 has just been released gonna start up loading these once every 2nd day i think as i wanna upload other stuff inbetween this LP YT -
  9. Click this link - And you will see Krampus the Thief decided to raid to my newly settled home after finding a pig village, But lets say he had a short life after running in the invisible wall and i killed but the wee bugger threw my stuff out into the ocean. Tables were flipped.
  10. A question

    If you want a food farm find a pig village and slaughter all of them, and you get meat aswell as pig skin used for the Football Hat ( Like logsuit but for head slot ) and they respawn everyday, their probably not supposed to respawn everyday but hey
  11. So as many other youtubers have done they have decided to do a lets play on this amazing game and i want to join in on the action! please take a second to check it out and tell me what ways i can improve commentary wise aswell as gameplay Video Day 1 -
  12. A "Back" Slot

    Thats all the more reason it makes sense if your surviving i reckon you would have both, some more armor aswell as a backpack. It would be slightly overpowered but that could be countered with a harder difficulty setting where resources are scarce and monster hit a little harder, aswell as limited uses off meat effigy.
  13. I like the fact wilson is the only one that can grow a beard makes him unique
  14. Please implement a "back" slot to allow the use of backpacks and log suit, this could also open up the option to cloaks aswell as a another weapon placed in the slot to allow for multi-tasking. Some cloak suggestions here ; Glowing Cloak - -2 Fireflies -1 Rope -4 Papyrus Perks - Glows in the dark ( Small ray of light, Same light source as a Torch ) Durability - Loses 1% every 3 seconds ( 5 minutes of constant use ) Sturdy Cloak - - 2 Rope - 4 Papyrus - 4 Tentactle Spots Perks - Protects you from physical attacks ( Mitigates 10% damage from enemies ) Durability - Loses 2-5% per basic attack depending on creature <3