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  1. I was sitting around the camp fire one night, looking at wilson and his glorious beard. I thought it would be hilarious if his beard could set on fire. One reason some players say this game is so easy is because the meat effigy is easy to obtain. One way to prevent this is to make a beard harder to keep. My suggestion is to allow beards to catch fire and burn off if you got too close to a fire. Also mobs in the world should have a random chance of ripping off wilson's beard to the previous stage during an attack.
  2. I've been through the exact same thing. I remember the second (real life) day I was playing, I thought I've been killed by everything. That is, until a tree sprouted legs and went after me. Armor is really worth it. I normally use a backpack until I find a nice area to set up camp (preferably around beefalo) then make a chest or two.
  3. So I have two Tallbirds in my world and I've stolen both of their eggs. Now whenever I go in their area they're waiting for me, and go after me. I've tried sneaking in during the night in hopes to find more eggs, but there are none. All I find is two angry Tallbirds. My question is, how are you suppose to get more eggs? I've heard that they lay them, but it doesn't seem like my Tallbirds want to. It's been about 8-9 days now since I've stolen their eggs. I found the game just last week and have been enjoying it since, but I'm absolutely stumped by this.