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  1. i know there is the tent but it wasn't created just to change chars some times just to get a bit of beard
  2. i know it would be a silly argument but human poop doesn't work as a fertilizer so it would be like a nonsense thing
  3. he isn't invincible and wilson would still be unique because he is the first char that anyone play, and also it will take more time and yield less for wolfgang to compensate his strength and big stomach
  4. yeah i know it is wilson's perk, but living in a island for days without shaving your beard, cutting your hair and nails should make you grow them and make you look like a savage animal at least, that was the point that came when i talked about all men characters growing a beard
  5. but in this time you could die making wilson a better char to harvest beard hair
  6. he would still be unique because he would take less time to grow it and would be the one that yields more
  7. wilson would not be less special has he would be the char that yields more beard when shaving the beard and also takes less time to grow a beard
  8. i already talked about it taking more time to wolfgang, but i don't think wilson would need a new ability, making he the only one that can grow a masssive beard would solve it, like wolfgang could be able to just yield 3 beards in the max growth he would need like 6 days to 1 beard, 12 days to 2 beard and 18 days to 3 beard, and about nails they could be used to make another specie of meat effigy, one that's already in the game for men and a new one for the women characters
  9. I think all male characters should grow beard i know wolfgang would be pretty op if he could grow beard and also have 200 food and stomach but if he also grow beard as wilson it would take more time.