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  1. so i read somewhere that Kevin plans on eventually making some changes to the character unlock system, mainly in regards to the fact that you have to die just to unlock the new characters. i think the entire system should be changed to make it more exciting: make character unlocks a choice, with all characters available to unlock and all their pros/cons listed on the unlock page, but each one costing a different amount of points that are awarded at a 1:1 rate of overall days survived. so if across all your maps you've got 250 days survived, you could perhaps spend 200 on wolfgang, or 50 on willow. adding the element of choice to this would make unlocks more fun, since currently a player might not like the benefits of a character (coughwendycough) but will be "forced" to unlock them in order to reach a more appealing one.
  2. really? the UI is supposed to represent the status of your character, and for your character, starvation is an EXTREMELY obvious status that is constantly bothersome. the UI, however, is not properly representing that. the game is called "don't starve", not "don't stop looking at your hunger bar".
  3. scroll down for the recipe list: i recommend making some turbo farms, farming till you get a dragon fruit, feeding the dragon fruit to a cage bird for dragon fruit seeds, and then mass planting them. cook them with filler. they don't stack, but they're very filling and healing, and super easy to stock up on after the startup costs.
  4. i haven't heard his adorable flapping noise, so i assume he's gone, not just invisible. i'll make the long trek to the tallbird area in a few days to see if they've respawned. hopefully i'll be able to get a new little buddy!
  5. do you have a steam key? try playing it in steam instead of the chrome browser.
  6. so i did a save & exit at daytime in my base, with nothing dangerous in the area, and my smallbird about 2 feet away from me. i logged back in later to find that my smallbird was gone! (but everything else was just as it was when i logged out). what happened? do they simply not save? i was really fond of my little buddy, and there are no eggs or tallbirds left... he was the last of his kind
  7. to those wondering, krampus doesn't only show up around fires or player-made buildings. i was chopping down a couple natural pig houses and a krampus came running out of nowhere and pocketed some of the cut stone and planks that dropped from destroying the house.
  8. in the previous version of the game, it only automatically saved at night and dawn, there was no manual saving. as of dec 11th, the game will also save whenever you quit the game. if you played for at least a full day without dying, you should have been able to resume playing, so i'm not sure why you couldn't continue. i'd try making a new file, performing a save & exit, and then seeing if you can continue that file.
  9. what's up with these light shafts? i've never seen them on any map before, and now this map has like 4 of them. they don't seem to affect gameplay with the exception of making it really hard to see, especially at night (it's still pitch black at night unless you have your own lightsource, which mixes with the light shaft to make this a dark light). does anyone else know anything more about them?