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  1. I think its just because I'm impatient... Lol Yeah now I think about it, it does seem fair enough
  2. You see you mention bonding with the Beefalo in its child state although I think that travelling with or on the Beefalo would make the player feel more attached to it and want to protect it, having it as a baby for too long may annoy the player and make them think that it's not worth protecting it.
  3. 1. Golden stirrups because gold looks pimp. 2. Collar is a good idea or a bow on the horn. 3. The armour would just give it more health and it only attacks in self defense. 4. 30 days seems like a long time, maybe 20?
  4. !NEW THREAD HERE! Updated idea with the best of your suggestions included! Please have a read and reply if I've missed some other awesome addition!
  5. Anyone who has read my last thread about making Beefalo your mount should know that one thing that I've noticed on many of my worlds is that the best food sources, mining grounds and pig villages are almost always quite a long journey away, this always makes me hesitant to go out to that spot in case I have to camp over night on the journey. To solve this, I propose that once baby Beefalo are added, a saddle could also be added to the game to be unlocked in the Alchemy Engine. I imagine that it would require 4 rope, 5 pig skin and 2 gold nuggets (For the little metal things where you place your feet while riding.) and after creation you would be able to saddle up a Beefalo to ride around the map at about 1.5 or 1.75 times your normal movement speed. But obviously you can't just try to saddle up a fully grown Beefalo and expect it to let you ride on its back! This is where the baby Beefalo is necessary. You would have to feed the baby a grass tuft (Or more if you think 1 is too easy) in order to tame it, then you would have to wait for it to grow up in order to place the saddle on it. Of course you may need a place to store your baby Beefalo when its growing up? Or else it might wonder off somewhere or be attacked by hounds. For this problem, I suggest a new structure to be added. Nothing too extravagant, just a wooden pole with a piece of rope attached to it where you can tie your new friend up to in order to keep it safe from harm. I would imagine the pole to require 1 log (For the pole.), 2 rope (For the, well, the rope.) and 3 or 4 cut stone (For the base of the pole.) This recipe would also need to be unlocked at the alchemy engine. Once the Beefalo has grown up after maybe 7 to 10 days (Please feel free to discuss this time if you consider it to be too long or too short!) you could unattach it from the pole and saddle up! But maybe you think that this is too simple, too easy. Or maybe you don't actually want to ride a Beefalo (Where is your soul? ). Let me answer these two points in turn: To make it harder I suggest that hounds try to hunt you down whilst riding your Beefalo at sunset and at night the "Scary Monster" still tries to kill you. This will force most players to dismount at sunset and walk the rest of the way, their Beefalo following them or to set up camp quickly. As for not wanting to ride a Beefalo, I suggest that another item could be created to be equipped instead of the saddle, a 9-slot Beefalo backpack, effectively a moving chest that follows you when untied from the pole and rope. I would want the recipe for this to include a fair amount of grass (Maybe 6) for weaving, 4 twigs to hold it up and 2 rope to attach it to your furry companion. This could also be useful for that tricky "Backpack or Logsuit" choice that many people complain about (Personally I like the choice as it adds more of a risk to adventuring.) but it could also be used as even more storage space if you have both the backpack and the Beefalo Pack equiped. Another idea that was suggested in my last thread was to have a logsuit for the Beefalo, making it able to take more damage before you have to dismount and kill the attacker. So for this I propose that the an item known as the Battle Saddle (Or something similar.) could be added to the game. Its recipe would require a normal saddle, 4 rope and 10 logs. (Beefalo are big remember.) This item would allow you to ride your Beefalo and act as armour for it. Finally, in order to make this suggestion sound less over powered, you should only be able to tame a maximum of one or two Beefalo so that players can't just have a convoy of moving chests following them, you shouldn't be abble to use the powerful Beefalo attack (Or the "Beefalo Beatdown" as I like to call it.) and trying to take away a baby Beefalo should somehow anger the herd/pack. Thanks for reading, Please give me your ideas in the form of a reply in this thread! I hope this idea gets noticed!
  6. Right. So now we have a backpack, saddle and beefalo logsuit? May I suggest fusing the saddle and the logsuit together like armour for a warhorse? Also I like the idea of moving rocks, maybe you could push them while you ride the beefalo? But the moving chest idea could be done instead of the saddle at any time! I just think that it would need to be a bit difficult to train and tame them because then you have to go through a lot of effort to get 2 beefalo or more, one to ride and loads to carry.
  7. Your opinion now counts for nothing. Lol sorry, I joke But please, talk about the awesome werewolf idea that I'm in favour of, not badly made films and badly written stories. (My opinion) Thank you
  8. Or rather than a cart, you could replace thes saddle with a pack for the beefalo, increased movement than that of a beefalo bearing a cart, but with the downside of the player having to walk along side their companion rather than riding them! This would add another of those "rucksack or logsuit" dilemmas to the beefalo, for added risk and choice? I like the sound of this.
  9. I like the idea of using the hat to get close to them for milking and I love the cheese idea, that could make a lot more recipes for the crock pot!
  10. Yeah fair point Your idea about the food limitations is genius and I would love to see it in the game, the pole also solves our pen or barn dilemma!! Thank you for your support!
  11. That's a good point, maybe you should attempt to milk them while they sleep to stop the risk of them attacking rather than knowing which ones female!
  12. That's a good idea too! Maybe the thing you feed the beefalo determines the colour of the child!?