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  1. Hello dear community, I searched through the forums, but did not really find an answer to my question. When I am in the game, most of the time nothing happens, but after a while the screen starts to flicker for a moment. After a few steps it starts to repeat. I tried to change my refresh rate, but it did not help. I play Don't starve in the Steam version and hope you can help me. Thank you for your attention. Greetings, Gharex
  2. Hello Excess, thank you for the friendly welcome and your answer. Greetings, Gharex
  3. Hello dear community, today I started playing this game and really enjoyed it. But after I created a few worlds, I noticed that the starting area is always only round and there is a way to the next area. Will the transition to the next area be more fluent in the future? I did not really survive for long and did not see many parts of the world, but this is what I found out so far. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to the future updates! Greetings, Gharex