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  1. Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title Black screen unless I reopen browser Steps to reproduce 1. Use chrome browser for anything for a period of time (say, facebook or research or video for an hour). 2. Attempt to open Don't Starve in the browser. 3. Don't Starve permanently pauses load at static.exe with a black background. 4. Exit out of browser entirely (close all windows) 5. Reopen browser, restart don't starve, play, do whatever else you want. Describe your issue Currently, if I try to open Don't Starve in Chrome when I have already had the browser open for a while (upwards of 5 minutes), Don't Starve will not completely load and be unplayable. If I exit out of the browser entirely and restart it, I can then start Don't Starve and do whatever else I want on the browser. While not a complete deal breaker, it certainly is annoying, and I imagine would have to do with some of the other people's black screen issues, which mostly seem to be happening on chrome. Little extra detail - I usually navigate to the game by clicking on the app button on the new page tab on Chrome. I'll experiment later to see if navigating to it from a different way effects it.
  2. Hey informer, from what I understand, we should be on version 70528 now. The older version that you apparently still have may be the reason it's not working. I'm not sure why it wouldn't have updated. Try uninstalling Don't Starve, Reinstalling it, closing your browser, reopening it, and then starting the game. Hopefully you version number will be up to date, give it a minute, and hopefully it will load. Personally, I'm still having a black screen issue, but it's progressed to a different form, which I'm about to make an official report on.
  3. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I'm looking forward to trying out Wolfgang now, haha. And yeah, I suppose that Willow seemed so useful to me because I'm a bit careless. I often forget to make sure I have the right materials on me to make a quick light when I'm out resource gathering, and in a pinch her light is a lifesaver. If, however, you're not silly like I am, then you probably did much better. So I suppose it really depends on your game style, which makes me a lot happier about the comparative strengths and weaknesses,
  4. The title of the game is "Don't Starve." It seems to me as though it would be very interesting/fun for something more to happen if you starve to death, rather than die from normal low health. Whether it's a hallucination that advances the plot, or is it just an animation of someone laughing at you saying "didn't you read the title?" I think would be a very cool, and very simple, addition.
  5. Hey, thanks for the comment, good to know what the last guy is. I didn't forget him though, I haven't unlocked him yet, haha. And even with that, he would still die quickly at night, making him worse than Willow, though a much closer match than anyone else. Chances are you could find a patch of fireflies before dying, but it would still be much more difficult than with Willow. [/noparse]. Thanks! Done!
  6. One thing to think about: If there were ranged weapons, it would give a huge advantage to the player versus the current enemies. The only way to even it out would be to make ranged enemies, enemies that are somewhat immune to ranged combat, or enemies that move super fast. That's a huge complicating factor for the game. Would it be worth it? I agree that the idea of a bow and maybe even a flintlock pistol is cool. More than that would be breaking with the really interesting style the game currently has - and that style is one of the main draws of the game.
  7. Alert! IF YOU ARE NEW, BEWARE. THAR BE SPOILERS BELOW! (Can someone tell me how to do that sneaky, hide the spoilers with an expandable link thing?) I know that there is another thread that discusses all of the characters and says who's best - this thread is specifically about whether or not Willow is overpowered. =) I'm a bit new at this, but so far, I get the feeling that Willow The Firestarter is a bit overpowered, especially compared with the other characters. My first time playing with her I lasted 28 days and only died because I committed suicide to see starving would actually be like (other times I'd died in fights). With Wilson and Wendy I found the game to be much more difficult, both in the very beginning and a decent ways into the game, as they are much less forgiving characters. To be clear, I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing. The other characters still have draws to them, and if I feel like going for a challenge, I can choose them. However, I am naturally drawn to Willow since I know the game will be easier with her. Here's what I think of their comparative strengths and weaknesses (that I know of). Now, obviously this could change easily with updates: 1) Maybe it'll become way easier to accidentally burn forests down with Willow? Maybe, and this would be one of my suggestions, Willow starting a random fire could nearby ground, and that ground has to get a lot of manure to revive. Nothing can grow on that ground until it is fixed. 2) Other characters could gain more powers (or might have ones I don't know of yet). What happens when you bring Wendy into a grave with Abigail? Can you find Abigail's grave? (DON'T ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS =P) Could having an epic beard make Wilson get on easy terms with the beefalo somehow? What kinda cool benefits could come from that? Maybe Willow's insanity meter (whenever that arrives) ticks down faster than most? Small sidenote - I'm very excited to see how winter and insanity meter come into play. I'd expect Wendy's insanity meter to drop a ton every time she sees Abigail. Or maybe the longer she goes without her it drops, since company keeps her sane? In the winter, will Willow get another huge boost thanks to her firestarting skills against the cold? Will Wilson's epic beard protect him from the cold? Can Wilson make a fake Tom Hanks out of volleyball to keep his sanity? Anyway, I'll shut up now and leave it to the community. What do you all think?
  8. Making a suggestions list for people, out of things that have worked so far. 1.Uninstall and reinstall google chrome (I was also having black screen issue, this solved it for me) 2.Hold alt, hit enter. (didn't work for me but did for others) 3.Restart computer. (didn't work for me but did for others) 4.Exit out of your browser and start it again (this also worked for me) 5.Complicated shtuff, which hasn't worked for anyone. Small note about this issue, that I don't think anyone else mentioned. While I was trying to get it to work, I was pressing a ton of buttons. I noticed that when I hit the backspace, a bunch of yellow boxes appeared on the screen, though the black screen still maintained behind the boxes. When clicking on certain boxes, more boxes would appear. I now know that when the game screen actually shows up, this corresponds with clickable boxes within the game (such as play). If you are having the black screen issue, and clicking backspace brings up yellow boxes, one of the methods that worked for me may work for you. =P