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  1. Its pretty cool to know that even more will be added to this game before it even gets out of beta. So many would release the game with even less than is in it already!
  2. Thanks alot guys for the great info..im going hunting for them now! :))
  3. As a new player I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on how to go about catching my 1st fireflies? I understand that this must be done at night with the bug net. Are they more common in certain areas? Should I use the torch and then on finding one set a regular fire before catching or is there a better way? Any advice appreciated
  4. You have given me a laugh , anyone can find this by simply searching for the game on youtube.... - - - Updated - - - At last a sensible reply...this would seem the way forward for the devs
  5. Im probably old enough to be your parent. You need to reread my post. I am not saying anyone can stop piracy. I am just saying that it wouldnt take long to squash the download linking videos on youtube that people will see just by searching for the game title.
  6. Heres a link that shows the links im talking about, some in the search are not anything bad but the majority are. The report to youtube process is fast and easy but it has to be done by the owner or company whose product is being effected. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dont+starve+free+download&oq=dont+st&gs_l=youtube.1.0.35i39j0i10i3j0l8.1561.2602.0.4964.
  7. Dandytard....Who said it needed to be an actual developer? Also the time needed is not even an hour, I dont think you have considered this properly!
  8. Its abit like saying you will never stop pickpockets and not doing anything to make life harder for them... Im not suggesting that you can ever stop piracy im just saying that right now its to easy. Anyone who searches youtube to find videos on the game will quickly see where they can download the game for free. To change this would take less than one hour with the system youtube have. Seems to me this would be an hour very well spent.
  9. There are quite afew people on youtube offering pirate download links to the game for free As the copyright holder of the game you should contact youtube and get these removed. It doesnt take long You should also contact the download site that is hosting these illegal files for a removal, a longer wait but still worth it. It is sad to see this game being easily available to pirates for free.
  10. This would work so well on the ipad. I dont think it would work so well on phones but for tablets it would be great! Im very sure that this format would make a fair amount of cash for the devs also.
  11. The solo game as it is makes you feel very cautious and scared of death. CO-OP would lesson this effect. Im not saying CO-OP wouldnt be cool but i think it should be something the devs think about much later.
  12. Heh a random teleporter that you could craft would be amusing. Players would need to take enough supplies with them to make another small base and to generally survive just in case they end up somewhere very cut off. It would sure add another dimension to the latter game.