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  1. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    To come back to topic (I am completely thankfull to get to join a big and well prepared community as well by the way) I actually heard about this game at the first Yogscast Video. A few days later I was able to buy it with Paypal. They did a great job being all mysterious about it and discovering the little things. I almost instantly fell in love with it. Also a great job to let Simon play. I feel just as helpless against those lvl 3 Spiderwebs as he does and this adds a little Sympathy. I highly recommend to follow the full let's play of them featuring the game.
  2. Exp

    I don't know if I am the only person with that problem, concerning the lvling process but after I unlocked Willow I certainly survived more than one day. But the bar only shows 1 Day and I get no exp at all.