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  1. @ Dom-Sithe Hahahaha, I didn't know that. I spawned in my world right next to a spider cocoon, and my first thought was "oh no..." I hit it, and then got chased off by 5 spiders. Got away with 1/2 my health, and almost starved to death. I made it, though. Unfortunately, let's just say I didn't "win the superbowl", if you know what I mean. >.< @ jujubomber Thanks!
  2. This is just my personal feedback to the game, and story of my first time playing. Feel free not to read if you're not interested. I like this game, the art style is unique in my opinion, and I find it very fun! If you're not interested in hearing feedback from me, feel free not to read. Thanks! --- I first found out about this game from a group of people called "The Yogscast", which is a group of minecraft players who have their own youtube. (I can imagine that some people may know them, lol.) It looked like an interesting game, full of laughs to be had and I decided to buy it from steam, with actual high expectations for the game. I wasn't disappointed at all... Though no, I did not survive my first time playing! I survived exactly 10 days, then the unfortunate happened. I died. I had JUST made the second-level of science-y'ness in the game, hoping to make some cool stuff. I had honed my killing skills of the rabbits and gathering of the materials. In fact, I had made my own forest full of 20+ tree's. This is where I went wrong! I had just set down my level 2 science machine, then noticed that the tree's were dieing. I wanted them to grow as big as possible so I could get as much as I could from them, because wood does go fast! I walked away from my science machine, and started to chop down one of the tree's from my home-grown forest... Then I nearly jumped out of my chair... The tree came to life and punted me.... Yes. I died from a kick to the face by my own tree. I wanted to FLIP MY DESK! But I couldn't help but smile because I wasn't disappointed! I hope this game goes far! I'm expecting this game to be great, I want to put many many hours of playtime into it! -reguards, Xzile40