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  1. You're obviously a big fan of Lovecraft. You totally nailed it, its great.
  2. Ive found that you can make the aubergine dish with any 3 vegetables and 1 aubergine. I think its a little better than the honey ham too. I was all about the honey ham for a while like
  3. [Gameplay] Birds not flying away

    Im having a similar thing with bees above flowers. They just float above them jittering about.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Mist choppiness Steps to reproduce Run into a patch of mist on fullscreen. Describe your issue Quite simply, whenever i run into mist the game really slows down, as Soon as i exit the mist its absolutely fine again. Im running on full screen if that makes a difference. Im also around day 25. Cant find the version number Im afraid. Cheers
  5. I have right this instance experienced this exact problem. Killed a gobbler at the waters edge and the drumstick has dropped just out of reach. DAMN!!!
  6. [Gameplay] Build Menu Pops Up Randomly

    Yup im having the same problem also. Im just passed day 26 and it seems to pop up everytime i do anything. Hammer or axe sub menu is always the one to pop open also
  7. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    Yogscast put me onto this as well. Im 24 from Scotland. The learning curve is absolutely brutal in this game. Longest ive managed is ten days... Left base to grab lots of manure but forgot the torches. Loving it though