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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number dunno Issue title No buttons working when starved to death Steps to reproduce I was at day 18, playing as the fire-girl, when I went exploring the fourth island. I emptied all of my bag-slots into the second explorer-thingy and then starved to death between the third and the fourth island. I have all the upgrades from the first two machines, if that could have anything to do with anything. Describe your issue As I starved to death on day 18, I got my xp (so that I am now level 2 + 850 xp). The buttons was like always when dead (Retry, Main Menu and Forum), but I couldn't click them. The music continued and the birds flew around in the background, so it wasn't really a crash - just the buttons not working. Can't find the version number, however I installed the game at around 6 pm on december 7th I died two times earlier and had no problem at all. I had no problem alt+tab'ing out and closing the game, so it was running just fine - except from the non-funcional buttons. I would've attached a screenshot of the screen, but for some reason I'm not allowed... And I guess you know what the "YOU ARE DEAD!"-Screen looks like anyway.