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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70776 Issue title Typo in Wendy's Speech Steps to reproduce Play as Wendy Wait until sunset Describe your issue Wendy says, "The darkness will be hear Soon. I must prepare." every time it starts getting dark. The word hear should be here. No biggie.
  2. During my first couple blind playthroughs, I found nights much scarier. I didn't know what was out there, and every little noise or movement made me jumpy. The first time I ventured off with a torch, I ran back as Soon as I realized the dinky amount of light it provided. Now that I've played it a decent amount, nothing is really that scary and everything is pretty predictable for the most part. The initial tone of the game wore down a lot. This isn't to say I don't love the game, as I am a big fan so far. But here are a couple suggestions that I think could improve things: -Lurkers in the Dark The eerie feeling that there might be some freaky stuff out in the dark was a lot of fun in the beginning. Other than the Grue, I think it would be interesting to add other scary things that are out only at night to maintain that sense of fear. Not to encourage turtling, but maybe even have certain things circle your camp and only attack you if you leave the fire (wolves, more hounds, etc.) Even adding some scary ambiances might help. As for what specific baddies to implement, I don't have many ideas other than maybe using some urban legends. Just keep away from zombies, skeletons, etc. -Sea Monster On those long land bridges between islands when 90% of the screen shows the surrounding ocean, I think there's some good terror-potential for a sea monster or something to pop up and attack. Maybe even just a tentacle of some sort. It would make crossing them more suspenseful. -More Nighttime Assaults. I've seen several suggestions about having things other than hounds attack your camp at night. I really like this idea. Having a few other attacks with warning 'growls' would keep you on-edge more often. Maybe even have certain attacks come without any sort of warning? -Bears. Not really scary necessarily, but I think it would be cool to implement very powerful bears that roam around forests. They could be attracted to bee boxes, That's about the extent of that idea, but what can I say. I like bears, and I think the game could use a couple stronger baddies. Not the most creative or lengthy list of ideas, but there's my two cents. Other than making things more difficult, I think keeping things creepy and tense would keep everything else more interesting in the process. What do you guys think?
  3. [Gameplay] Items sliding out of bounds

    I just had about three occurrences in a row related to the gobbler drops going out of bounds as well as some items spawning over holes in the island (the ones you can't walk over that show the ocean beneath.) Not really a big deal I guess, but it's annoying having floating items there and never being able to either obtain them or at least get them out of the way.
  4. Can you destroy graves?

    Agreed. When I thought that grave was from my last death, I thought it was a pretty cool feature (minus not being able to destroy it if I wanted.) From what I've seen, enough people have suggested related ideas that I wouldn't be surprised if it became a feature eventually.
  5. Can you destroy graves?

    Oh okay, thanks! I feel stupid now
  6. Hey guys. I was just wondering if there was a way to destroy graves at all? I figured out the whole you can dig up graves thing, but that's about it. Thanks!