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  1. Yes, I was referring to the normal traps as before this recent update I was able to trap at least some birds with the normal traps (some still escaped) while working my way up to being able to build the bird traps, however now after the update I have been unable to catch a single bird with the normal traps.
  2. What the hell?? Why use a cheat???? Also, that can get you banned from most game communities.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Chrome Version Number ????? Issue title Overall brightness/contrast Steps to reproduce Load game and play Describe your issue Since the most recent update it seems the overall contrast and brightness of the game has changed dramatically. Now at dusk it seems extremely dark and when night falls (even with a rock fire pit) it is much darker than it was before the update and very difficult to see anything unless it is within the second shade of light around the fire. I have not touched any graphics settings and this change in brightness can be noticed on any system I play on. If I adjust my graphics settings to compensate for this change I must raise the brightness to 100% then reduce it again after playing as it causes my desktop and browsers etc to be obscenely bright and difficult to look at. Basically prior to the update, with the rock fire pit fully stoked, the lighted area was about 3 or 4 "rings" and with the new update the rock fire pit fully stoked gives a lighted area of about 2 "rings".
  4. Placing a stack of berries on the ground will also cause pigs to eat entire stack producing the equal amount in manure.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Chrome Version Number - Issue title Traps not functioning on birds Steps to reproduce Place trap and bait with seeds Describe your issue :confused:Since the latest update any traps I bait with seeds no longer catch birds. Now when I bait the traps with seed, the birds simply land, eat the seeds and leave. I have not caught a single bird since the latest update. This is really frustrating as I rely on birds for a food source when doing primary exploration of the map.
  6. Side Note.... Could the Pigmen's affinity for monster meat also have something to do with the origin of Werepigmen? Food for thought!
  7. If you get close enough to your fire when running from hounds and circle the fire long enough they fall asleep on their own, just be sure you are not around when they wake, or that you are aware of the quickest path to some beefalo or pigmen. Beefalo or Pigmen will kill the hounds for you, although if the pigmen kill the hounds they will immediately eat any monster meat left behind, whereas the Beefalo will ignore the monster meat.