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  1. Hey! I enjoyed playing this game so much that I made my first speedrun ever for any game. This game is great and I hope people enjoy watching my speedrun as much as I enjoyed making it. It did get me thinking though, Klei, any possibility of adding a level timer? I think that a leader board of fastest times would be awesome. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks!
  2. Hey Corey, WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! So it turns out I just have a really bad memory! When you start this series of missions you don't have your sword since you left it in the sacrificial chamber when you refused to commit the ritual suicide. It is a checkpoint or two later that I get an objective to retrieve new weapons. Just playing through a tiny bit solved my problem. Thanks again and sorry for wasting your time. Love this game!
  3. First of all, this game is amazing! I've beaten the game once and now I'm going through the new game plus. I'd like to say awesome job to everyone who worked on it. Here is the issue: The assassinate action has ceased to exist. Here is the story: It started happening somewhere in the Set to Flight level and I didn't hardly notice because I was trying to avoid killing any guards. However, I've started the The Return level and I definitely cannot assassinate any enemies (I've tried this with multiple enemies). I am using the nightmare armor (one of my favorites) not the silence armor so I should be able to assassinate. Also, I've verified the integrity of my cache and that wasn't the problem. Here is a screenshot: As you can see, I'm standing in assassination range and the icon is not there. If I left click the non-lethal attack will be triggered instead. I apologize if I'm missing anything obvious. Let me know if there's more information I can get to help facilitate an answer. Thanks!