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  1. Making it linear and easier to traverse will be interesting to try out - transitions might be a little more difficult however. I have heard of winter and the idea of different climates affecting survival - what if this kind of design was integrated alongside vast areas of harsh/barren terrain? Have them be the barrier between the starting area and new areas of the map that are harder to survive. It would give people something to do once they've either exhausted materials or gotten bored - go on a journey to find the next set of lands. I guess it could increase exponentially until you can 'escape' the world... Some random thoughts right there, but worth writing them out.
  2. A mob that destroys your stuff? That could get interesting.. And as for eggs, the lil'birds look kinda cute! Nice to see a use for eggs. @Excess: Does seem to be - I guess birds will drop seeds of a random type in the update. It has made me wonder whether some way of retrieving seeds from the produced plant might be a nice addition.. Would be difficult to balance it so that it isn't overly exploitable however
  3. First death at 25 days.. Monster meat insta-death, lesson learnt. Second death at 14 days.. Spiders, just so happened to walk near about 8 nests as it was turning night; lesson learnt