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  1. Hi! Thank you Midnight Tea. I did not try your method, but I solve my problem in a different way. I was participating in the beta program of Steam. I unsubscribed from it and I reinstall the current version of Steam and now it works perfectly! So it seems that there was an incompatibility between Don't Starve and this beta... Thanks all! Problem solved.
  2. Just to be clear : I never had a "Continue" option in the menu. But I did manage to survive a few days (not much more than that without a saving option though ) EDIT: Ok I just checked and yes I have this big "Saving" message at twilights, with the machine going down and up again. I don't know how I managed to miss this one But still no "Continue" option in the menu and no savefile in the Steam directory... :/ As for Steam Cloud, as I said before it's ON and had always been. Thanks for your help guys. I'll try to figure out the problem.
  3. Thanks for your replies. But it does not work for me... I've been playing for almost a week now, and I never had any other options than (New Game, Make New World, Import) in the main menu... EDIT : And I never saw this "Saving..." message... I guess it might a Steam problem then? I checked the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[uid]\219740\remote" and there is only 2 files: profile and restart By the way, I love this game even without the chance to save my progress, so I can't wait to be able to do it
  4. Hi everybody! I feel pretty stupid with my question, but here it is: how can I save my progress in the game? Since we get the following message when we leave in the middle of a game: "You will lose all progress since your last save" I'm assuming there is a way to save the progress? I already tried all my keyboard's keys, no luck... Is it done through an in-game mechanism? I browsed the forum for some clues but did not find any. But I read there might be some troubles with Steam so I should mention that I'm playing on Steam, and that the Steam Cloud is on. Thanks in advance, and sorry if the question is dumb as hell but hey... it's late... Fergal.