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  1. As I said : "The most of the fun comes with discovering, and hacking with the stuff you can get.". Of course, following a guide isn't fun when starting a game. This is a little help to those who have trouble finding what to do. Also, 7 turbo farms ? How can you get enough seeds for fueling them?
  2. Yup, traps are quite useless. It's way quicker to let the rabbit get out, and attack him from behind.
  3. Charcoal is more role-playish and more fun to collect than poops...
  4. Is it that bad that no-one gives his advice about it?
  5. That actually already exist (ctrl + click). Sorry
  6. It would be nice to be able to unstack piles. Maybe double clicking a pile, it would ask how much you want to keep in your hand and place the rest into the inventory.
  7. I like the idea of the backpack for beefalo. That would help the player to get out of his lair and travel. Though, right now you can travel with 2 backpacks. Not sure if it's wanted or unexpected, but that's fun and I think shouldn't be removed.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm playing for a little while, the game is great! People are asking so i'll give my advice on how to get a good start. First of all, I'd like to encourage you to play this game on your own for some time before reading this. The most of the fun comes with discovering, and hacking with the stuff you can get. There will be spoils, you're warned. Character selection : I have only three characters at the moment. I use mostly the first one. Wilson. His beard grows over time, you can shave it, and when you have enough, build a magic totem that will bring you back to life when you die. It's very powerful and helpful. Willow is quite cool too, her "starts fire in the dark" saved her a couple of times in my games... (When night falls I'm often at base, but I often forget to actually light the fire ) "Immune to fire damage" can help, a bit, but fire never killed me, so... Wendy, the 3rd character, sometimes spawns a ghost at night. I didn't play her a lot so I don't know what to actually say about her. Welcome to the jungle : Grab watever you can. Particulary twigs and flints. Move around, scout the area. Find the bounds of the island. When you have enough twigs and flints to build a shovel, if you haven't seen any mines, build a shovel. Shovel is awesome for starting. You can dig any plants out, and replant them at your future base (thus making very appreciable fields). When you have spotted mines, if you have enough twigs and flints, craft a pickaxe. Get the resources and use the flint at building a shovel (if you can and don't have it already ), and an axe. If you have a shovel, use it to harvest. At this point, get grass, carrots and berries. And craft your backpack. If you can make a straw roll, do it. If not, get some wood and grass to start a little fire (don't make the big fire with the stones, that'd be a waste). Keep scouting and gathering what you can until night. Fix your position, know where you'll be going tomorrow. If you have the fire, cook your berries / carrots... Day 2 : Get moving, try to find a pigs village or aurochs. You want Manure to build your farm. Keep looking until day 3 (gathering resources at the same time). If at day 3 you didn't find any, build your home at the best place you found. Best place is not too close, but close enough to : - rabbit holes (it's quite cool to turn berries into meat, have rabbit holes nearby (so your traps are lit by the fire pit). - pigs - aurochs - mines - swamps Evening : When you've found the position of your main camp, place the fire pit. Cook and eat. It's important to setup the camp at night because you can see the bounds of the fire light. Plants the berries, grass, sticks, around the circle, so you can see them just with the fueled fire light. Do little packs. You'll need room for pig houses, charcoal industry, farm plots, research machines, traps. Use manure to fertilize berries. Craft some traps and place them (use bait). /!\ traps will have to be far enough from pigs so they won't come and eat the baits... If you need some researches done, it's a good moment to build your(s) machine(s). (Best thing for research is cemeteries. So if you don't have it, unlock the shovel asap). Building the village : Now micromanage your village. There are tons of things to do. You need chests. And you also need an armor. Time to get some serious lumber done. If you have meat, you'd do well hiring some pigs. It makes the things easier to just pick up logs and cones behind them. To guide the pigs, you just have to show them once. And in combat, you just have to engage the target : you can select your weapon, click the target, then click away, to interrupt the order (so your character stops engaging), the pigs will keep attacking, and taking the aggro while you are safe and watch the combat. If you don't have the food for the pigs, get it. Here are some tips to catch some rabbits : - Each rabbit has its hole. When a rabbit is out, try putting its hole between the both of you then click the rabbit. Hopefully you'll be to its hole before him, and kill it. When you will be good at this, you'll be able to get your food just hunting rabbits, without any traps of bait. - Use multiple traps for only one bait : Rabbits will rush the bait, and trigger the traps on the way. Try to put a trap at the opposite of a rabbit holes "nest" put a bait in it. Then put some empty traps on the way between the baited trap, and the holes, you'll spare some berries - Do the previous and add the first one. Now the rabbits are going for the bait, when they are far enough of their hole, you charge from behind. Free and quick hunting. At this point you should have an armor, and some chests. Craft the spear (it's way more powerful than the axe). Day 5 is coming, and some hounds with it I think there are two. It's the first very frontal attempt to kill you. There is a sound, you ear them roar a couple of seconds before they attack. (Btw if you missed this you probably also missed an awesome ambiance). You need to think about the fight. But you also need to thing the after-fight. First thing first. You need light. (Unless they roar at 10am but I doubt it). Go home and fuel your pit, or craft a fire and fuel it. If you don't have wood, it's time to get some. Make some room in your inventory and replace your backpack with your armor. What you need is : Equipped : Armor > 50% Spear > 30% Inventory : tools (particularly an axe over 30% - when it's below, re-craft one) honey (for high hp recovery) cooked food (for low hp recovery). replacement armor [optional] Hire some pigs if you can. Kiting the hounds around the pigs isn't a bad idea (specially if you have no armor). Fighting : Enemies need to load their attack. They charge you, then when they reach you they stop, load the attack, and attack. The attack loading time varies for what I've seen. The hounds attack faster than the keeper of the forest. So a good way to fight is to go back and forth, attacking them, and moving back to avoid their attack, and repeating. An other way consists in facing it and clicking fast. F*** it the pigs will cut some woods for the next new armor. I personally like both. What next ? -Raid spider nests. Their silk is very useful for bee farming. -Store your own bees. -Build a meat effigy. - A tent, and have fun with the other characters in this game. - Have some gold tools, tentacle spikes. - Hire some pigs in their village, and lead them against their neighbors. You'll get some pig skins which can be used to build your own pig houses. - Your next thing here. And below, some tips : - You can move your backpack while your armor is equipped. Just click the backpack, then click and hold where you want to move. - A good fuel is the charcoal. Get mass cones, plant ALL the trees, light a fire nearby, wait... max fuel it wait... plant another tree to connect, watch them burn! Hope you enjoyed this. Please tell me if I'm wrong somewhere, or how you do things, fun things to do, etc.