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  1. I was about to report the same bug. It's even "worse" when you remove the mini-sign and replant it. Wormwood is not happy =P
  2. I'd even say that anything's fair until it's out of early access: the point is to provide enough feedback in order for them to release the best v1.0 they can (aka that will satisfy the majority). As for myself, the more challenging the better, I'm not interested in walking simulators. So this is a welcoming change
  3. Yes. I don't mind the corners dragging option though, but I'm so used to being able to set the resolution precisely. It's ok if you don't want to implement it, I can live with it
  4. Regarding screen resolutions with this build (and maybe the previous ones): - can it be set while in windowed mode, rather than having to switch to fullscreen first (if one wants to set a specific resolution that is)? - said windowed resolution doesn't stick if I quit/restart the game I have 2 monitors (if that's part of what's causing the issue).
  5. Don't apply human logic to an alien creature
  6. Making sure the week-end is crash-free
  7. Quite a "low priority" bug, but the variable "cluster_description" isn't parsed when the server is set in LAN mode and the browser displays "[No description]" as a result. I thought I was using the wrong variable to set the description, but it works fine when putting the server in online mode.
  8. I've been playing for several weeks now but I don't consider myself experienced as I still have plenty of things to try and discover. One thing I like is the fact that you have to watch your back constantly and that there's no safe place in this hostile world. And I sure like the concept of being somehow punished for abusing one resource or another, or simply for trying to survive in a world where you weren't supposed to be in the first place. I'd hate seeing the early days of a game becoming easier. And I'd probably loose interest if it became a real sandbox game, because it's not supposed to be one. Well, I don't see this game as one. That's really an adventure game, about surviving. You shouldn't be allowed to sit and farm all day long It should be challenging, no matter how far you're in, should it be day 1 or day 100.
  9. Thanks for the colored minimap, very nice. Also, big thanks for increasing the framerate I presume, it's much better
  10. I'd go with these too. I've never used a trap to kill a rabbit and unless it gets much more harder to get them, I think the idea of keeping them alive is pretty good.