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  1. In case you still have questions, check out the wiki http://dontstarvewiki.net/index.php/Dont_Starve_Wiki
  2. A problem we can all relate to.

    If there's an option to it sure, why not. I use it a lot, but it's not like it'd take long to implement it ^^ It *is* kinda annoying to eat monster meat every now or then >_>
  3. Furthest Day

    I'm at day 46 but I got 3 Meat Effigys so I could basically play forever...
  4. [Gameplay] Items sliding out of bounds

    Also have this, got my pigfarm by a lake and my precious pigskins are piling up on the lake >_> fix Soon please ? ^^
  5. Renewable vs Not-Renewable

    Hey would you mind putting this on the wiki as well ? would be great ^^ http://dontstarvewiki.net/index.php/Main_Page
  6. Renewable vs Not-Renewable

    rocks also respawn as I've found... or so it seems, the first rocks I mined just reappearedm I saw them at day 27 (not 100% sure they're the same though :S)