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  1. Perhaps there could be a very difficult-to-accquire item (a statue/idol) that summons Maxwell. After summoning him you can challenge him to a duel of some sort. If you win he sends you home (wherever you came from before he sent you to this godforsaken realm (for whatever reason). There could be a leader board, either local or online, for how quickly you get back home (and another for how long you've survived, if so then monsters spawn more frequently, deal more damage, and have more health the longer you survive). Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. Weather/Temperature -Weather varies between biomes (Deserts are hotter, tundra is colder) -Shade is colder than sunlight in environment -Clothing keeps you warm (coats) or cool (desert wrappings) -Fire warms you up -Going out of “safe range” on temperature meter causes your health to slowly decline -Hats help to keep your temperature stable Thirst -Similar to hunger in that you have to drink liquids to keep thirst meter up, if thirst runs out your health starts to go down. -Salt water is obtained from the ocean -Can make a water filter from charcoal and cut grass -Can milk beefalo (milk restores thirst and a small amount of health) -Rain occurs in some biomes. -Can make a water trap out of cut grass, and twigs. -If a water trap is in rain for a certain duration it will gather an amount of drinkable water. What do you think?