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  1. As the game stands now, it seems to dead and too stationary. Many more updates are coming of course and it has been addressed that this is one of the problems allowing people to easily survive, but here are some of my own ideas, I know a few may have already been suggested. *Trees: Trees seem too...Life less. How about putting the occasional chance to obtain a bee high after begin cut down, and the hive swarming on you. This would only take effect perhaps sometime after 10 days or more and in a plains biome, while in a forest biome, an angry chipmunk? A swamp tree would have a chance of spawning a spikey grimlin when chopped down. *Forest life: Forests are most likely my favorite biome in the game, as they have a chance of being anywhere, provide lots of food, wood, and other resources. But, even then, they feel dead. Perhaps a few new animals to make things interesting? ~ChipHunk: As already described, a chiphunk (Chipmunk) would live in trees in forests, after attempting to cut one down there would be a chance of an angry chiphunk pelting you with nuts. Every two would take a single point of damage if not wearing armor, and have a very small chance of stunning you for a second. More of an annoyance than anything. ~Squirrelywurlys: These are the grabbys of the forest, if you leave your food out during the night, a squirrly would come and try to take it. ~Unicorns: The mystery of the forest, very very rare, and very tasty. These would be extremely fast creatures, when killed, they drop a Unicorn horn, when crafted with an amulet it creates a health restoring amulet. But on the flip side, killing the unicorn would almost instantly drive you insane, and wearing the amulet speeds up the insane bar filling. They would drop unicorn meat, instantly healing all your health some hunger, and filling some of your insane meter. *Pigs culture: Pigs also seem a bit too stationary for a tribal or even modern society. Maybe every now and then the pigs would go out hunting, competing with you for natural food resources. (Any placed down by the player would be ignored during this time) *More Soon*
  2. My fellow starviants, I am currently working on creating artwork with a computer made out of twigs and petals with a bit of rock, and I am wondering in aid or such matters, what font does the theme use?