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  1. character idea

    Better idea, Doctor Who! Just kidding!
  2. I actually think this game is going to be like Minecraft eventually. We should avoid that.
  3. I have the fear that the world will have no more rocks. They are not currently infinite. :S
  4. You are a terrible owner! Maybe it was Maxwell, creators are hiding things.
  5. Hopefully most of you have played Team Fortress 2. Here is what I found interesting... Willow is like Pyro in many ways. Here are a few: -They enjoy burning things -Are supposedly female (speaking about the Pyro) -Have "White" eyes (Pyro's can be compared in the "Meet the Pyro" video) This is just something I noticed.
  6. I honestly think that fences would make camps more organized.
  7. Omg i need to get one, these are really awesome