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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 72964 Issue title Everything is invisible, and game unresponsive Steps to reproduce I assume you would update to insanity while using a Mac. Describe your issue I would create a new world, except everything is invisible and the game is unresponsive. One out of the many times I tried playing the game could be played, but everything was invisible (This was because I had turned off bloom and distortion). It makes the game unplayable. Is there any way to downgrade to test out an older update? EDIT: I was watched a video by GenerikB, and he made a comment about how good the graphics look, and I thought that maybe my computer can't handle it now. Maybe Klei can add an option to turn down the graphics?
  2. I have Dota 2 Keys, and FTL, but will only trade FTL if you have multiple Don't Starves, or other games to trade with Don't Starve.Edit: I no longer have FTL, and the gisf in the title is supposed to be gifts.
  3. I have a don't starve key on chrome, and I am looking for an FTL key for steam, or a Towns key. If you are interested message me on Steam, or leave a comment. My username on steam kinitix.
  4. The islands can be either circular with bridges or all connected, it just depends on the map.