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  1. It is a good idea, but then how would people be able to cook in their campfires without having a fiery beard?

    Maybe it could take a couple of seconds for the beard to catch fire?

    Like 30 seconds on stage 1 and the largest fire

    15 seconds on stage 2 and 5 seconds on stage 3? I mean, in the end the beard IS pretty long... maybe one should think about reducing Wilsons movement speed on beard-stage 3, since he might be tripping over it occasionally. :p

  2. When I bought the game I got an extra copy and after I've asked all my friends and none of them wants it (anymore), I decided to trade it here.

    I don't really want any specific game, so just offer what you'd be willing to trade for it. Doesn't have to be anything special, although gift-versions would be nice instead of just codes.

  3. Hey, everybody

    I've been playing "Don't starve" for about two weeks now and am absolutly fascinated by the game and its design in general. While I had to learn the hard way that fighting spiders without armour and with an axe is propably not the best idea, I've been getting the hang of it more and more and discovered a lot of new things with every death.

    I'd always been playing with Wilson and only for my latest try switched to Willow, to try her out - and to my surprise I managed to survive nearly 30 days, instead of being mauled to death by spiders or dogs after a couple of nights.

    I was so happy I build a tent and switched to Wilson, so he could grow a beard I could shave... He never did, because that evening four dogs raided my camp, chased me half across the island and right into a couple of spider nests.

    I just had to share this story, to stop me from biting my keyboard and shouting in agony and also have been wondering, whether the spiders just don't like Wilson or men in general or whether it has something to do with his hair? Maybe his haircut makes them angy, because it looks like a spider upside-down aka dead?

    But seriously... is there a possibility, that Wilson just dies more frequently than Willow? (I haven't unlocked any of the other characters, so I wouldn't know about them).

    Greeting from Germany,


    edit: Also I just noticed I made a really embarasing spelling mistake in the title. So sorry for that.