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  1. Sounds like beekeeper hats are gonna be required for a while, or you could use all that pig skin for football helmets in the meantime.
  2. Congrats, and now time to do something else for a few days, am I right.
  3. What all these guys suggested is good advice, and I'll add a little more: 1.) When you are around a bunch of critters you don't want to attack, un-equip your tool/weapon, then go clicking around for stuff you want without fear of hitting anything. 2.) Second, you can move with the "wasd" key format, if you don't want to click all the time. 3.) Lastly, range weapons aren't that great, all of them require feathers and stingers, which means you need to attack something to make them in the first place (bees for stingers, spiders for silk if you want definite bird catches), which, by the sounds of it, isn't your forte.
  4. I know this is a little off-topic, but when I read the title of this thread, I just imagined it being sung like "I'm sexy and I know it" by LMFAO.
  5. I got the same feeling, for once I actually have to try to avoid starving when I get started. Crockpots are now a must-have, that's for sure. Berry farming is now a major requirement, and the gobbler no longer getting cornered makes darts a must have as well. My new map isn't fully plotted out yet, but the world is toying with me by putting a bunch of islands around a Beffalo island with no way onto it yet. Day 5 there right now and found 3 dead ends into it. My only problem I see so far is a need for Krampus to show up more often, but otherwise a great update.
  6. I use the mouse for the most part, but if i need to navigate through a dangerous area (middle of a swamp, near a tallbird nest i don't want to raid yet, etc.) I use the wasd controls because they are more fine tuned (for me).
  7. Spider eggs you can also use as really good fire fuel, a ton of research points, or for farming spiders for silk. Tents only allow you to cange characters, since the weather doesn't hurt you (yet, at least).
  8. 1.) If you hear a noise you aren't familiar with, stop what you are doing and equip you armor and spear immediately. 2.) Never walk into a swamp (no matter how small!) without at least a spear. 3.) Pay really close attention to your tool/weapon percentages and always carry spare materials for making them. 4.) Just because it doesn't attack you out right doesn't mean it is easy to kill. 5.) He who runs away doesn't star in a hentai scene that day.
  9. This. Even when I was new this was never a problem for me, as I always did the already in-game "drag-and-feed" method then.
  10. Fighting monsters gives plenty of rewards, such as monster meat (crockpot it if you don't want to be poisoned), silk (makes various survival tools needed for gaining other higher-tier resources), spikes (great weapon and a decent research material), and much more. All you need to do is research three items (rope, spear, and log suit), make them, and you should be nearly invincible (so long as you don't stand there and trade blows with the critters, do hit-and-runs). On the subject of one-shots, nothing in this game one-shots you, though a few can screw you up really bad really fast if you don't escape it (ex. the night stalker). If you find yourself dying in one hit, you were probably never healed from the last monster that attacked you. If you are low on health and see a monster coming at you, as the Monty Python Knights said, "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!".
  11. To put my two cents in, I've literally gone Genghis Khan (kill everything that moves!) on a field of bunnies and a pigman village just a minute north of it, and Krampus still hasn't come out. You really need to go out of your way to trigger him, so I don't see why everyone is pissed about him. Even if he is summoned, it's not like he wrecks an entire base while you are gone, he just robs chests (which you should only have basic/easily-obtained materials in anyway) and destroys them when he's done. He's just a slight annoyance that is easily dealt with (bee mines around your camp or sleep darts/pan flutes when you hear him coming). Also, like others have pointed out, the game is not complete yet and when it is, Krampus will be the least of your worries. If people hate Krampus this much, I can only imagine what the spider queen (or any other big bad guy they add next) will make them do.
  12. Digging them up is useful for flushing out the rabbit inside it, but also makes it impossible to have any rabbits come from that hole ever again because it's gone. If you want to farm rabbits, use lots and lots traps, and as long as you have sticks and grass, you will never go hungry again (assuming Krampus doesn't wreck everything and not just chests).
  13. I didn't read anything, went through a play-though just now, and set a lv. 3 spider nest on fire while completely alone. Needless to say, I got destroyed in seconds by the now huge spider hordes. Will be hunting the buggers a lot earlier now, that's for sure!
  14. Pretty much at this point, you can either try and wipeout everything else on the map like I did (spiders, swamp monsters, beefalo, etc.) or just play harvest moon style until the next update in a few days.