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  1. I have come to accept that Sweeping is strictly a Supply task. Your dups are literally Supplying items to the storage compactors.
  2. Corey, Thank you for your attention to this. I have disabled all Chrome extensions, my antivirus, my firewall, my HOSTS redirection and still no joy. There is some kind of connection to the server as my email address and the beta build number are visible (as seen in the screen shot.) I played via Steam just yesterday (12/7/2012) but I'd REALLY prefer to play via Chrome. -- Thanks again for your help -- Tim
  3. Thank you weenaak but I double checked the settings and I do not have 3rd party cookies blocked, but it's possible I have something blocked elsewhere. Does anybody know what domains/urls the game must access to work in Chrome?
  4. I purchased via the 'PayPal Widget' on the game's main blog. Essentially a Humble Bundle giving me 2 Steam and 2 Chrome keys. I first tried to play through Chrome without success, then went to Steam. I would much prefer playing through Chrome but I'd like to have both options. I did indeed wait and wait and wait, hours even, I can't get anywhere past what's shown in the screen shot.
  5. I have purchase and received my Chrome and Steam keys. I am able to play via Steam, however I can't play via Chrome. I have added the app via the 'Chrome Store' and signed in but there are no options (buttons) to play the game or enter a key. [see attached screen shot] I have cleared the browser's cache, cleared history, cleared all app data, etc with no useful results. Thank you for any help you can provide.