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  1. From Generikb here - i saw the fifth episode of the game and I got interested by de art style of the game then I watched them from the first episode and he says that it's on 20% off on steam so I knew that I had to buy it and so i did and i don't regret that
  2. [Graphics] Invisible birds on traps

    it's strange i was not there when the birds were trapped
  3. [Graphics] Invisible birds on traps

    Here is an image if you need it http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/824/sinttulojgx.png/
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Invisible birds on traps Steps to reproduce 1. Put a trap and bait it with berries 2. Left it and come back after a while Describe your issue I left those traps on the floor with berries as a bait and I went exploring into another island. When i came back to my base i check them and there were no birds but the traps were jumping and jumping like if they had trapped something. Still i got the loot but the birds were invisible.
  5. Do they spawn only at forest biomes or is it random?
  6. Do you want new updates?

    Youtube it's a good way to make people know the game because millions of people watch them. I'm mexican and I bought the game because i watched Generikb playing it so it should reach into every country of the world and that would be amazing