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  1. Apologies then, as this is my first time reporting a bug I was perhaps a bit rash to jump to conclusions.
  2. Mmn That may be possible. Not sure tho' Edit: Seems your right I just retested it again with wolfgang I ate 6 that got me down to 0 ate another that killed me. Disreguard my bug sub then.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number N/A S Issue title Eating Cooked Monster Meat Will Not Kill You. Steps to reproduce Eat at least 3-4 Cooked Monster meat Describe your issue When I ingested 3 Cooked Monster Meat It brought my health down to 0 (I started with 100) and yet, It did not kill me. Example: http://imgur.com/wYKLU