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  1. The zip files also throw the "invalid file" alert from the upload page. I'm currently using mobile broadband, so I''ll give it another go once I'm hooked up to my fat pipe at home.
  2. Hi Brook, Thanks for offering to help. I'm trying to attach the files you have asked to see, but the upload page throws an alert; aggregate.log: invalid file? also the content is too long for a single post, and littered with smiley shortcuts, so is proving a pain to post direct. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi there, I can't get to the first vent without the game crashing (game.exe has stopped working etc) I've reinstalled DX, tried without my xbox controller connected, verified the steam files several times. None of these seem to affect the issue. I'm running on a vaio laptop with switchable graphics. Mark of the ninja is set to high performance (i.e. is running on the hd7670m rather than the hd4000 on the i7) I'm at a loss... seems as though a previous update should have resolved the issue, but I still have it