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  1. Trading Don't Starve 2-pack for Little Inferno. Tell me if your interested.
  2. I'm trading WarZ 48-hour guest pass for Don't Starve. Please tell me if its an unfair trade so I know. Thanks.
  3. I would be nice if pumpkin laterns don't disappear and maybe you could refill it with fireflies and not wait for another pumpkin to grow. Thanks
  4. Some people add you JUST to trade with you and if that person who had unsuccessful trade with you or you yourself cannot find the right game to trade,(I'm not pointing out names) that person would just delete you from his/her friends list.I find people really greedy because of that. A person recently add me to trade a game with me.Although I said I didn't wanted to trade with his game, he said:"Oh alright, I'll wait for you if you change your mind. :D"We've been playing TF2 a lot after that. So after 3 or more weeks, he messaged me and said:"Hey you wanted this game right?" and I was so happy. So think before you act, you might lose a good friend. Even if you haven't got a successful trade, is it a must to delete him/her out of your friends list? You could always play multiplayer and keep in touch with them. Who knows you might even end up like me! This is just an advice to traders out there. Good day -Elden
  5. I had the same issue too. The crafting menu of an item just pops up randomly even though I didnt click on it!
  6. Trading my Don't Starve for any good game. Especially Scribblenauts Unlimited but other games would be awesome too! Add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/lden/ Good day - Lden
  7. It would be great if achievements is added for Don't Starve on Steam. Thanks
  8. Trade is still going!!!! I still haven't found the right person to trade with yet
  9. Ok I'll chat with you more Sklurm, whats your steam name?
  10. Post what game you want to trade for my Don't Starve and your steam name. It would be great if you have Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2 or Awesomenauts but I accept other games also. Thanks:)