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  1. if theres 3 players your food nearby your base will get less and less..making more difficult over time, and that's what DS dose.
  2. Well, if you have say 3 players on a multiplayer "server" or whatever it would be called, you would have 3 mouths to feed. you would also need more resources for things such as armor and weapons. so being realistic, more players would make it more difficult to survive.
  3. dont thing they would release a dont starve 2. since the game is updating constantly
  4. Just remember the game is still in beta,maby in the offical release they "might" add multiplayer/co-op...hope they add it
  5. rainbows with a pot of gold nuggets! XD (double rainbows ALL ACROSS THE SKYYYYY)
  6. reminds me of the first encounter with hounds...ran for a bit then turned around tryed to kill them with my...axe ._.
  7. i would love a co-op just you and your friend...alone in a mystyrious world....with 1 gole of surviving. more expreshion when monsters come out of nowhere xD
  8. after watching your first ep i know your gonna be quite a good youtuber! keep up the work!