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  1. Would be nice if there was a way to make some type of teleportation system instead of having to walk from one side of the island to another & having to make multiple campsites. I have scenarios where I want to fill in more of the map but I know if I stray too far, I won't have time to come back to camp. This makes me have to scrounge around for rocks to make another rock fireplace. Anything like that would be awesome.
  2. Interesting. I never thought of trying rope as a fuel. Good to know.
  3. Yeah, now I noticed. Finally got to run away from one this time. It can be done!
  4. No, the vid was just uploaded today. Still, thanks for the info. I love this game!
  5. O_O 2 days! Wow. I've seen some Etho vids on YouTube where he just simply walks past them & they chase him for a little bit but then ignore him. That's odd.
  6. So I just got this game today & got as far as seeing this monster for the first time. It just kept following me everywhere & I could run away. It would always be just close enough that if I clicked on something like a tree, I was dead. I also tried to attack it once with the tree armor & still dies. Is there something I'm missing here?