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  1. Dude. I'm trolling you. Go spend some time with your girlfriend.I'm sorry it went on as long as it did, but I honestly thought you were in on it at first, lol. Dijkstra pioneered shortest path and dynamic programming algorithms. As far as I can tell, these are completely unhelpful here. I was just tossing another red herring into the mix for a bit of fun. I hope you didn't waste too much time on it.

    You are currently my idol, I knew you were kidding the moment you said it was an algorithm, All the puzzles we have obtained so far have not used 'outside material' meaning that anyone could do them as long as they can follow the clues. This puzzle however stands out, the 'clues' all seem to be delaying us until they decide the answer to be given, whether that answer is going to be a joke or not, I have worked out that these slides will in fact be part of a future puzzle... call it a hunch, but I know they wouldnt waste perfectly good reference material to hide another puzzle in.

  2. I am not saying it is not a good idea, I am saying it is somewhat unoriginal. There's the gobbler, the treeguard and whatever will replace the krampus (its intended role was to punish meat gatherers...). Not sure we also need bee queens/scavengers.Though I guess you could consider it a theme, as Silvi said...

    Combat is one of the riskiest forms of survival in the game, this just adds the element of risk to a somewhat risk free trade off, I understand that honey could just be nerfed, but where is the fun in that, powerful items for powerful punishment. It works perfectly for a survival game, all 'bosses' can be easily avoided with careful planning and strategy. The Leif for example while difficult to predict, can be quite easy to kill although it is still risky. Though imo tallbirds are much more dangerous than Leif... While a Bee Queen would be predicted with every hive, its simple to kill, but doing so will most likely kill the hive, of course it does need tweaking. Perhaps the queens will drop an egg on death and you will have to 'grow' a new Queen, or leave it alive to protect the possibility that the hive would die. This also prevents large Bee farms because someone wouldn't want to be attacked by a Queen Bee more than a few times, unless they wanted the extra risk.

  3. "Overharvest ANY resource? Here comes a mob that punishes you for that!"

    Sounds like a good idea to me, the bosses aren't difficult so there really isn't a problem with that, but I understand that it just means another way to die, which in all honesty is what don't starve is about, you are supposed to be at risk with everything so your best defence is preparation.

  4. Spiders living inside their queens.. that's.. gross.My point is, that many people are uneducated nowadays. That's why i said that i hope you only think about this as ingame content, and don't actually think that the queen does stuff herself irl^^I'm sorry if i offended you in any way.

    Hahaha, nah it's cool, I thought you were just trying to be on of those "it's not realistic enough" people, but the idea of a bee queen boss mob for don't starve always made me so giddy. Plus it also means destroying natural Bee hives will be much harder if there is a Queen for every hive, meaning players will have to actually prepare to fight somewhat of a mini-boss, and im sure there could be some form of unique loot from her, say, a Bee crown... CONTROL AN ARMY OF BEES!!!http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/1119411465589869067/010C5575281203B0A5C2F568063598B426B3F05C/

  5. Well, i hope you refer to this as game, because bee queens are usually huge, fat and lazy and can't even properly do anything :D

    And pigs can't actually make houses, butterflies have no link to butter other than name and spiders don't exactly live in colonies and have a Queen that they live in, so what's your point...

  6. Or maybe poor wilson should go into sugar shock if all you do is eat honey ham all dang day. Don't make me add a nutrition system! :)

    I was actually hoping to see a nutrition mechanic... or at least a "balanced diet" mechanic, eating only berries is just going to make you sick, maybe a combination of meat and veggies solves the problem of 'useless' farm plots, honey is a treat and healing food, the way some of you people eat honey is going to give Wilson diabeetus.

  7. The end of the last puzzle was the insanity picture and we all already knew that was coming too. I don't know for sure though, just a thought.

    That is true... all we had were a couple sound clips of distorted music. However this is different we already have a test adventure mode which is story so, i still doubt it, but you never know.

  8. Not sure if this has been said already since I din't read all the posts but just by what I read on this page and the page before, wouldn't it make sense this way? (max) soonMax meaning Maxwell as in story mode?

    It could, but a lot of that information is already confirmed, why have a puzzle for old knowledge. :p

  9. Back before Krampus was added to the game, there was some backwards audio at the end of a trailer that said "Krampus is coming." At first, people had a hard time deciphering exactly what it was saying, the best they could get was "...us is coming." and some people at the time speculated that it was Faunus, though Faunus was dismissed (with a cryptic hint, of course) by the devs pretty quickly. I believe that's what that comment is referring to.

    Thanks, I'm hoping they give us a small hint to set us on the right track, perhaps there is no puzzle and we are just driving ourselves insane on pure garbage?