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  1. From where this came from? I can do some "black magic" with this red dots.

    Screenshots of each of the characters deaths the first to third are in order of Wes, Wx78 and Wilson, the females did not have any dots and they spaced between each male (or robot) character.And the morse code that starts at 1:11 is the end of the word 'beginning' we get . / --. which is EGI also believe the items in their inventories is important based on the fact of these similarities:
    4/5 had the breezy vest3/5 had a berry3/5 had a flint2/5 had the winter hatWhy do 3 of them have a single berry...
    Another theory I worked on was the time of deaths, not in the video but in game, Wes was at 3:00 but the others were too 'difficult' to work with so I scrapped the idea.I also believe we aren't done with the MAX slides, I tried crossing out numbers in a pattern of 8 4 3 5 3 (numbers of items in inventories in order of character death) yet got nothing but gobbledygookI checked the files, there are a few new winter files, however nothing I can see that would help (however I am excited to see jammypreserves)Another observation that I doubt has anything to do with the puzzle, the characters with winter hats had much shorter death scenes compared to characters who wore only the breezy vest.I could say more but the rest is pretty much useless stuff that's all that I've found to stand out more so than the other theories.

  2. Well if it is to do with their deaths here's the information I currently have:

    Wes - 8 items - Boomerang, 2 twigs, 1 berries, 1 flint, 1 grass, spear, breezy vest, Football helmet

    Killed by cold

    Wendy - 4 items - 1 berries, 1 flint, axe, winter hat

    killed by pigs

    Wx78 - 3 items - 1 berries, breezy vest, winter hat.

    Killed by tentacle

    Willow - 5 items - trap, torch, 2 carrots, pickaxe, breezy vest.

    Killed by Bees

    Wilson - 3 items - 1 flint, dark sword, breezy vest.

    Killed by cold

    Wickerbottom and wolfgang not shown

    4/5 had the breezy vest

    3/5 had a berry

    3/5 had a flint

    2/5 had the winter hat

  3. All i have is this so far:

    - oooo o oo o- o o - o - oo oo ooo - o- - - - - oo- o- o - ooo o - - o oo - o oo o o - o - -

    I know so far it says "The" (and i know that the ending is most likely wrong) I'll continue if anyone can find any other clues that would be great.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well damn i was talking about that and I guess that serves me right for living in a different time zone *sigh*

  4. It's blatantly obvious This is another delay until the real secret is revealed. Now we have further evidence that it has something to do with Maxwell's past/present/future in the story. He refers to himself as a 'puppet master' so I can only assume something huge is going down, way over our heads.I'm pretty excited...

  5. I'm expecting Woodie to be added, based on the fact his portrait is currently used on the unobtainable portrait at the moment. Doesn't necessarily mean he will be unlocked in Winter but likely he will be next.Plus I find the idea of a woodsman and winter linked in some way... I just don't know why.