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  1. That's fascinating.. But, does it go along with the game's actual storyline? I mean, spoilers.

    Now you're asking too much of my abilities, let's just say the bunny sold it's soul to make William the greatest magician ever, and upon eating it he gains the power to rule over his own limbo universe that represents the shore he washed up on, luring people in to make them suffer a similar fate of desperation and insanity... Because demons and ****.

  2. Can you explain the entire context? I'm slightly confused.

    William was a magician performing on a cruise with his bunny Maxwell. The ship crashed and William escaped on the life boat 'Quest'. Two weeks went by as he drifted in the sea with his Maxwell, slowly he started turning insane from the isolation and trauma he went through. Starvation was starting to take it's toll on him when he glanced over to his dearest Maxwell, with hunger in his eyes and desperation in his stomach he had to make the difficult decision. He consumed the morsel of meat and along with it his faithful friend and performer. Living with the guilt and shame he created a split personality which he named Maxwell, who now has a constant hold over the mind of William.

  3. Now don't complain guys about the puzzles, its not like Klei has all the time they want to come up with those super creative puzzles. The puzzle pieces are probably the quickest way for them to still give us a puzzle each update without schedule conflicts.

    Meh, bread crumb trails are easier for them to make and harder for us to solve, like the insanity puzzle, bread crumb trail to finished image. While this is just pieces of image to finished image.