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  1. Insanity Puzzle :D

    it was a comment on the update vid, could be important could just be some guys speculation?
  2. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Faunus is coming
  3. Insanity Puzzle :D

    I just tried turning it into an IP based on the lines they are on... is not an IP
  4. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Here is what I tried:KMM WMJ UYJ NTG VGA PIO GGA UMA EJOPTO EYZ PUL KBB CYB DXB YFB YFF PFKOTD IJG RQV IIL LPQ MAP UAC TQO BBALLQ IBW PBN LVR ZBM FZH EEF PWL NWLDSV AFP RLY PIZ MAX UKD CDQ YWE NYZDJJ RQZ HUE MZI HCU VVM LCI AQH TVZVVV PNR OLG CBF TGD NZP FEZ MVC XDWQEQ DJP LET NDP ENX PKK CAC FGK VGACFJ WGD GIZ ZYN XVE HXY EHD KJI AHLAs you can see we have a fair amount of double letters and a triple (VVV).Here are the letters in order: M G B F I B L E J V (VVV) Q K Ctranslated into numeric place in the alphabet: 13 7 2 6 9 2 12 5 10 22 22 17 11 3I'll continue my research if anyone can do anything with those feel free.
  5. Insanity Puzzle :D

    I'm on a pretty big lead give me say an hour to finish this and ill return it results or not.
  6. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Its cool guys I'm here to help.