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  1. How? I'm tired.Nvm I got it
  2. Who said something about the blueprint background?
  3. that was from solving insanity.png
  4. Numeric order of level unlocked, Wes Wendy Wx78 Willow Wilson, the names and the order matter
  5. Did we do anything with 73521?
  6. Wes Wendy Wx78 Willow WilsonWes Wendy Wx78 Willow Wilson[342][123][213][342][123][213]Wes Wendy Wx78 Willow WilsonWes Wendy Wx78 Willow WilsonARGH
  7. Photoshop doesn't open it sorry to say.
  8. Give me more time I'm still downloading.
  9. Bil... LIb... Library files?
  10. Thats what I'm talking about, that link, the blueprint is "me" then they have MAX that machine is "MAX"
  11. you are missing the point those 3 are M A and X and the image with the letters is MEWe now have a possibility that MAX is a machine, most likely invented by Maxwell.
  12. sigh...http://www.dontstarvegame.com/science/explore/Mhttp://www.dontstarvegame.com/science/explore/Ahttp://www.dontstarvegame.com/science/explore/X
  13. So my older comment (as above) has now highlighted names, in source there was...
  14. Perhaps the numbers 35466 could mean something. (amount of letters in their names, Wes = 3 Wendy = 5 etc.)
  15. Nothing to do with the video, it's in the dont starve files.
  16. I just checked out the death screen from the image files, didn't see anything of interest however all the images are flipped vertically which is rather odd, is it just me? Somebody else decompress death_BG.tex and check it out.
  17. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Oh, sorry man I quoted the wrong person, take nothing by it.I was talking to the person you replied to and it was really late last night so it was a mistake haha.
  18. Insanity Puzzle :D

    Please just read the whole thread, it saves you looking like a little kid.
  19. That would be pretty cool, I must admit. Killing your former self to obtain all your loot that you would have dropped.
  20. Oh! you mean at the very end with the possible deerclops teaser and then after the steps is the growl? I looked into that a tiny bit I thought the footsteps might also be morse code, but I don't think so haha.
  21. Ah, thanks. I didn't hear anything. :pI also noticed there is a link to the update video on the blog now, I didn't see anything but if you want to check it out.