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  1. That was totally worth waiting for.
  2. The story is all well and good, but there is something you misunderstood. What have we seen, and what have we heard? It all really begins to get quite absurd... Focus your eyes and listen close. Ready your mind and become engrossed. See, there was in fact a small loophole. You didn't notice this was........ [186] [384 327 213 137 384]
  3. You could do that, or it's a dead end.Who knows...
  4. Seems there's still no progress, darn.
  5. I put the code there, it just replaces the title from [max] haha
  6. Well I'm off to uni now so if anyone figures it out, I wish them luck with the demons they will have to face, I know much more than you all think, I've merely been observing as I stated I would long ago. Mwuhahahahahahahaha
  7. It's not "LIL" its "BIL" remember I said that and we got to the whole "lib and bil" stuff.
  8. Oh and guys it's actually "Soon you will know how it all began.".
  9. Guys how did you forget about [342][123][214] :pYou need to organise your clues!
  10. Ok bed time if you aren't done after uni tomorrow I promise ill finish it!
  11. A map pic: X map pic: Lazy bum. Thank you SOOOOOO much!
  12. Can you just get me all 3 images and label them for me im really tired and cant back track any more...
  13. Let me explain, I have the files in the documents/klei/donotstarve/saves folder, it finds a game and is labeled as sandbox and I cannot continue it just returns me to the menu.
  14. Mine doesnt work, it recognises the files but won't continue
  15. Didn't work, and nobody else is listening :/
  16. What file type and where are the saves?