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  1. It's not the fact that it's easy it's actually hard in the sense that it's just time consuming with artificial difficulty
  2. Oh... It's one of THESE puzzles again... Wake me up when we get back to the real puzzles.
  3. The puzzles are the only real discussion that interest me, plus I like to help people think outside the box. (or chessboard in this case)Where else are they going to find clues?
  4. If we think of the story as a game of chess, Maxwell is white, he made the first move. Wilson and friends have played defensively for far too long.
  5. How do we know they are on the same team?
  6. Everyone is thinking so narrow mindedly, the most important thing is..
  7. Looks like a rhino bot and an observatory / lighthouse bot. Perhaps Wilson has been upgrading his survival skills to robotics?
  8. Could be, but we know this is only a clue to the next part.
  9. This is exactly why I waited for someone else to find them.
  10. oh boy, time to do an actual puzzle piece by piece.
  11. They were connected, we couldn't figure out the insanity one until we got the clues with winter.
  12. There is nothing, it's concept art. It was part of the reward.
  13. All of that is ancient secret knowledge.
  14. 2 or 3 more white lines. Zzzzzz... I would help but my External HD with sony vegas is at my old place. (I think) So unless I find it all this pausing is up to you haha.
  15. No new clues? You didn't read all the stuff you missed.
  16. Well, I believe it all to be over. If anyone is interested in my notes here they are.Soon.txt Possible.txt/things.txt Last shot.txt Winter.txt
  17. I think demonic possession is covered by account insurance.
  18. False information or not, it will lead you onwards or to the end of the line. Might as well be sure to follow it completely rather than leave an unfinished branch, AND congrats on beating me through all of these video parts, I suspected they had a private video since Progress! but I guess they only just used it now hehe.
  19. I was referring to the fact I was dropping vague hints when I figured it out, I already have my title and I love it, so I wanted to help someone else haha.
  20. Called it. Maxwell can't enter the real world, but he can influence people in it.
  21. oh darn, I saw those and thought I should investigate, but I thought they were just for a filter :c
  22. Also here is my take.Maxwell contacted Wilson and told him of some secret knowledge, he showed him a machine that would grant the maker eternal life, Wilson being a gentleman scientist did what he thought would benefit science and accepted, selling his soul to Maxwell. Upon pulling the lever on the machine the contract is fulfilled and Wilson is sent into Maxwell's world, where he will live forever, over, and over and over again.
  23. I love this quote: I wonder if this is referencing someone?