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  1. Puzzle Thread

    To find insane answers, one must be insane to see the shadows.
  2. Puzzle Thread

    Why can't the admins just give us the shadowbook so we can read the runes for ourselves, bypass the puzzle all together.
  3. Puzzle Thread

    I think we are going to need the times of the images to see the order they are in, unless of course it's an anagram already.
  4. Puzzle Thread

    So this is all of what we have so far, correct?
  5. Puzzle Thread

    Also there are multiple symbols in the fire.
  6. Puzzle Thread

    Here's another.
  7. Puzzle Thread

    So This is what we have so far right? Or did somebody add something that I didn't find while I was troubleshooting.
  8. Puzzle Thread

    How do I go about that, ever since the site changed I can't wrap my head around the new layout.
  9. Puzzle Thread

    Probably a noob question but I can't seem to figure out how to upload my images without uploading them elsewhere and linking them, if that's the case I can't share my resources because I'm lazy.
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Waiting for a compilation of symbols and their numbers so I can get to work.
  11. Underground Puzzle

  12. Underground Puzzle

    William was a magician performing on a cruise with his bunny Maxwell. The ship crashed and William escaped on the life boat 'Quest'. Two weeks went by as he drifted in the sea with his Maxwell, slowly he started turning insane from the isolation and trauma he went through. Starvation was starting to take it's toll on him when he glanced over to his dearest Maxwell, with hunger in his eyes and desperation in his stomach he had to make the difficult decision. He consumed the morsel of meat and along with it his faithful friend and performer. Living with the guilt and shame he created a split personality which he named Maxwell, who now has a constant hold over the mind of William.
  13. Underground Puzzle

    Identity switch between William and his rabbit, Maxwell after a horrific boat accident confirmed.
  14. Underground Puzzle

    Oh hush, the people need it to keep them going. Though when I saw the scratch marks on the photo I did think it looked like whiskers.
  15. Underground Puzzle

    Still not clear? Hehehehehehe
  16. Underground Puzzle

    How about some more. If 'quest' is the name of the lifeboat, why was he stuck on it for 2 weeks with a doctor, and why are we lead to boats from an underground update. Open your mind people, see what is not invisible.
  17. Underground Puzzle

    Maxwell is not a magician, William is. Maxwell is to William, as William is to props. William was a magician, Maxwell was the performer.
  18. Underground Puzzle

    Hmm, I can't say I'm enthused by all this lack of progress...
  19. Underground Puzzle

    Can someone give me a quick recap of all the progress? I see the Maxwell document but have you found the other documents yet?
  20. Update Trailer: Underground

    Oh man, that trailer was really well made. Kudos to the creator. Didn't pick up any signs of a puzzle...I must be rusty. 'oh well', I'd rather see these bunnymen out sooner than a puzzle anyway
  21. Note to self: Don't turn up gamma too much when looking for possible secrets in new images...
  22. I am totally in on this!
  23. Anyone else notice Maxwell kinda has a Hitler haircut going on?
  24. Meh, bread crumb trails are easier for them to make and harder for us to solve, like the insanity puzzle, bread crumb trail to finished image. While this is just pieces of image to finished image.