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  1. Honestly I prefer the idea of the original Don't starve world being explored with your group of 2-4. Rather than amping up difficulty to try and balance the game, you should look at it from the perspective of the team. What feeling would better than the catharsis of defeating the world one issue at a time with your dearest comrades. Of course this doesn't mean the issues will always be world created, say somebody accidentally angers a spider queen and gets themselves horribly slaughtered. Such a sight would not be very pleasant to witness, in fact it could be quite traumatizing. Not to mention experiencing such a feat wouldn't leave you in the best mental condition, especially if a friend decided to return you to the world of the living, who has ever heard of somebody coming back to life in a condition anything better than critical. While that would be all fine and dandy with more friends by your side, that would leave the natural hostile wildlife feeling threatened, so they would definitely try to up the anti with their own growing numbers, and perhaps even get a little TOO adventurous if their numbers keep increasing. Just imagine Jim, Sam, Kim, and Dom all sitting around the fire pit one night trying not to think of the fact that there is little to no clean food for them to eat, when suddenly the spiders they have been ignoring start coming to purify their homeland from the human scourge. Sam dies and the spiders still seek blood, until morning comes around, sending the once attackers retreating back to the safety of their nests, All the survivors have left is a dead friend, some silk, about 20 monster meat and a few wounds. Jim begins reviving the Sam with the teams last few berries, rocks and finest spidery silks, while Kim spends her day scavenging for things to cleanse the pile of tainted spider meat they came across in hopes to keep the team filled for just one more night. Dom on the other hand thought it would be funny to take a little revenge on the spiders, but after seeing his friend become nothing more than a pile of items after the spiders invasion, he was not exactly mentally prepared to deal with any spiders... let alone his shadows. Weeks pass and they barely survive on their their rations of food and sheer perseverance, until one night the ice box was empty. The berries have not regrown and all the carrots in a 50km radius have been consumed, the survivors scatter in an insane search for food, one by one they starve or perish to the environment, until the final two survivors meet. Desperate for food they gaze at each other, but don't see a friend, merely a meal. You would have to be insane to eat another person, but you would have to be REALLY insane if you didn't know it was a person at all. tl;dr Food is even more scarce with more people. Having friends can be good to stabilise your mentality, but it can also diminish it if something were to happen. Spiders feel threatened by more people. Basically the more people you add the harder the world will be to survive in anyway. Another mouth isn't always equal to another set of hands.
  2. Why would you want to kill your team mates, the people you are relying on to survive together, in a harsh world. Of course there is always an incident where you may be swinging a spear at something while a friend is too and oopsie daisies you swung too hard and overshot, hitting your ally (which would cover mouse misclicks being lore friendly, because If memory serves me there isnt a way to alt+space to attack mobs any more). Again though why would you WANT to kill your friends? In jest I hear you reply, surely you must have an overflowing source of rocks berries and silk to revive your dearest ally just for a simple joke, but laughs aren't cheap, killing a friend of yours surely wouldn't be good karma. Nor would retaliation.
  3. Puzzle Thread

    I was expecting more from the update poster.
  4. Puzzle Thread

    Alrighty after looking through the image(s) from the puzzles I would assume the story for the last few pictures goes like this: Maxwell and Charlie are doing great, Maxwell uses his shadow book that he got from somewhere, we don't know yet, for the act. Charlie takes her vacation to see her sister leaving Max alone to study his book. Charlie comes back to find an unlocked room where Max was supposed to be. (Speculation) Perhaps Max figured out how to disappear into the shadow world and come back. Thinknig he could send charlie for the final act and retrieve her later only to realise she is lost in the world consumed by insanity and darkness. Pic related.
  5. Puzzle Thread

    This being said it's possible there are files hidden within it.
  6. Puzzle Thread

    Did this happen to anyone else trying to open knock knock in photoshop?
  7. Puzzle Thread

    Another note, I tried opening the knock knock jpg with multiple programs to see if there was something hidden inside (behind the door) nothing, but if someone else has ideas by all means proceed.
  8. Puzzle Thread

    What I originally thought though was, Interitus was the magic word Max used to banish Charlie to the shadow world and later realised he banished her, not vanished her. It was for the final act after all.
  9. Puzzle Thread

    I think it's probably over: parentNode: null plugins: HTMLCollection[0] preferredStylesheetSet: null prefix: null previousSibling: null readyState: "complete" referrer: "http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/28864-puzzle-thread/page-30" scripts: HTMLCollection[2] selectedStylesheetSet: null styleSheets: StyleSheetList
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Madness.jpg was the previous image: Perhaps this shows what Charlie saw.
  11. Puzzle Thread

    Please stop Feeding the bottom feeders, Anyone can edit theiR own posts. Oh waiT I think it's happening to me now!
  12. Puzzle Thread

    Did I hear musical puzzle? Because I think I heard somebody say babee beef.
  13. Puzzle Thread

    It's just him spreading red herrings don't worry about it, just continue solving the unsolvable puzzle.
  14. Puzzle Thread

    I thought that at first too, then I saw his first post on the site and realised it's nothing special.
  15. Puzzle Thread

    Perhaps we are just not allowed to know the answer.
  16. Puzzle Thread

    Maybe the answer will be Kleis official announcement of the existence of the Pelontrix.
  17. Puzzle Thread

  18. Puzzle Thread

  19. Puzzle Thread

    Lol that row image was from the powers update, when this puzzle sequence was still young and I was making red herrings to throw people off.
  20. Puzzle Thread

    It all makes sense now!
  21. Puzzle Thread

    There were also white dots during the 3D segment and I was too lazy to check it out. I don't think I'm ready for another connect the dots puzzle.
  22. Puzzle Thread

    I'm just gonna try a little Maxwell bait to possibly give us a kick in the right direction. Perhaps there may be more clues in the video. The numbers correspond to the important letters in the runes. I think everything is going to be okay.
  23. Puzzle Thread

    It's Maxwell.