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  1. I've played a fair bit of the game over the last couple days, and it's a real blast. (New Game Plus is super fun.) After seeing a couple bad console -> PC ports I was a bit apprehensive, but that turned out basically completely needlessly. (Really the only place I was like "yep, this interface is a console-ism that could have been done better" was the equipment selection screen.) I did find one super-minor problem though. You can demonstrate it by putting the mouse cursor on the left or right edge of the screen and trying to stealth kill a guard. If you have to swipe off the edge of the screen (e.g. if you have to swipe left and the cursor is already on the left edge), because the cursor can't move the game won't detect a correct movement and you'll get an imperfect kill. Theoretically this could be a "time to restart the checkpoint" issue -- but I think it only has happened to me once or twice. [in terms of a fix: maybe it would work to save the mouse cursor position, change it to the center of the screen, do the stealth kill swipe, then change it back?]
  2. I didn't try in the path of silence costume, but I was able to steal the key without killing him. It took a couple tries to figure out what button to use though. I don't remember for certain, but I think it's the same one you use to get it and out of hiding spaces and smash equipment you're next to and pick doors. (Actually it may even give you the same dial thing you get when lockpicking.)