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  1. An idea for a Multiplayer thing would be Division to make the game Fairer.

    1.2 Player = 50 Hp EACH Research is Split per Item

    2.3 player = 100/3 is 33 but just round it to 35 for good measure

    3.4 player = 25 hp each - Take less damage due to low health Etc. Etc.

  2. [Exploit] Research Points

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Research Points Steps to reproduce 1.Make a new world 2.Go as Willow/Wolfgang 3. Dig up as much grass as you can 4. Willow will survive night infinitely with ability/Wolfang has high health and hunger to survive nights 5.Get science machine and use as much grass Tuft for research and earn Thousands in just a few groups Describe your issue You can easily farm Research points by getting grass Tuft/saplings in Don't Starve and get an easy few thousand, The amount of RP from the Grass Tuft/ Saplings should be changed along with the grass/rocks since they can be easily farmed from mining/harvesting too
  3. [Graphics] Floating resources

    There is a jesus pig in one of the pictures