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  1. This sort of island-destruction feature would not be to destroy stuff you'd worked on. With hammers, backpacks, and inventories, it's not all that difficult to move stuff. It just one more thing, like the hounds, that has to keep you on your toes. Think about it: How much stuff is really essential? When you get the warning, you should be able to grab your wood, twigs, grass, rocks, gold, tools, and any other special stuff you want, and stick it in a backpack. You can also use a hammer and get some of the resources back that you used for your structures. Also, it's not just players that are saying that survival can get somewhat easy. The developers are saying it too, and plan to implement some of the changes that I mentioned (weather, insanity meter, etc). The one area that I feel like hasn't been addressed yet, however, is what we do about the fact that, no matter what other evil things are added to our worlds, we can just sit in a base. Don't Starve is intended to be a game about exploring and using your surroundings. But eventually, surroundings get boring if you have a limited map size that never changes. I really hope that when winter is implemented, there will be motivation to move. For example, perhaps you will freeze to death slower if you are in a forest, and you will freeze the fastest in the tallbird biome. Perhaps swamp ponds will become an important food source during the winter. Perhaps Beefalo will have a spring mating season (I think I read this idea somewhere?) and will produce extra manure or something, and then hibernate in the winter. Maybe swamp trees will grow big and strong in the winter, while forest trees will decay. Who knows.
  2. One of the areas of the game that I know the developers want to address is the middlegame. Currently, it is very easy to set up a base and be set for life. The fire hounds help, but you can still easily avoid burning a base by simply walking away when you hear the sounds (and starting a campfire if it's nighttime). I think a major factor is the limited nature of the terrain in a world. Once you explore the world, you can determine a "best place" to hang out (access to beefalo, rabbit holes, ponds, pig king, etc.). Weather and seasons are a good start (perhaps we want to hang out in the Savannah during the summer, and the forest during the winter!). However, unless there are things that only happen in specific biomes, we're going to stay put. Currently, you can find different items in different biomes, but almost every item is easy to move. There should be more immobile features like tall bird nests and ponds. Here's one, slightly ambitious idea: Some sort of infinite terrain element, or a way to access infinite terrain. Of course, you don't want to have too much terrain at once, because (1) That gives too many resources to the player, and (2) The game might slow down. So here's my idea: Every once in a while (every 40-60 days or so?), one of the outermost islands/circles begins to experience an earthquake. Or a big crack forms in it. Or a thunderstorm begins over it. Or something. Once that starts happening, there would be some indication on the map, and perhaps a sound, and the circle would break off one day later. If you are on the circle when that happens, you die. Then, a new circle is generated off of one of the existing circles for you to explore. Thoughts?
  3. Yes, I've found things on the outside of the island on multiple occasions! Items outside the island are inaccessible, and mobs outside of the island can't get to you, though they can hurt you if you get close. EASY WAY TO REPRODUCE A RELATED BUG: Plant a spider den at the very edge of the map, preferably at a corner-like edge. Attack the nest. Usually, two spiders spawn in the normal world, and can chase you, while two spawn on the outside. The ones on the outside will track you, but they will be blocked by an invisible wall. You can still kill them from the inside, but their silk will sometimes drop in an inaccessible place and stay there forever.