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  1. sorry but i have allready had an offer. thanks for yours though.
  2. Requiring Don't Starve key

    i sen tyou a add on steam and thanks for the sub
  3. Requiring Don't Starve key

    okay awsome thanks add me on steam : kaicaesar and ill tell you the email and then ill give you the game
  4. Requiring Don't Starve key

    okay thanks also i subbed you incase i need you in the future aswell
  5. Requiring Don't Starve key

    Also dude in my next couple of videos ill give you a shout out and link your channel in the discription . can you not do that thing though where you put your name on the pictures though and ill link you in my channel discription ?
  6. Requiring Don't Starve key

    awsome thanks yeah i have one on steam if thats okay awsome m8 , if you email me them and tell me on steam that youve sent them, ill then trade it with you
  7. Requiring Don't Starve key

    Nice man dont starve steam? and check my channel out and could you do something to do with my channel , try to stay away from a specif game just channel stuff also if you want look at my steam account inventory and add me steam: Kaicaesar
  8. Requiring Don't Starve key

    also i dont want it to be specified to dont starv eif thats possable thanks
  9. Requiring Don't Starve key

    Can you link me to a youtube video of a part of what your willing to make? so i ca\n see the quality please and what im getting? and if your going to make it account specified this is my youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKtripleC?feature=mhee
  10. add me on steam : Kaicaesar My picture is a alien im am willing to trade for most things (NO DOTA 2S, i already have4!) maybe the binding of isaac addon? and something else? Post your offers!